About iramin

What is iramin?

The development of the World Wide Web has led to a great shift in the flow of information and development of online and business networks such as buying and selling goods in the web. Moreover, by increasing welcoming of this massive wave, which is less than two decades old, the nations have openly accepted new ideas in relation to information flow on the net. This leads to encouragement of the entrepreneurs from this future-building promising area.

Given the fast development of online services to users, such as sales of goods, with its intrinsic experience in this area, iramin has taken a new step in a different and novel way.

iramin.com is a subset of registered AZA CORPORATION Company in the Republic of Armenia whose design and implementation started in late 2015 with the aim of providing a secure platform on the Web for supplying luxury and superior quality goods to customers. It provides the necessary guarantees in relation to the quality and originality of the product offered in fulfilling short-term and long-term goals of iramin, and thus takes a step in granting 100 percent customer satisfaction.

iramin activities are placed in the category of B2C that in case of new policies in the future in this respect, the audience and customers will be informed, and the necessary guarantees in relation to deliver any type of product is directly the responsibility of iramin.

What is iramin mission?

Customers can purchase products from iramin website like any other website store, with the difference that iramin, unlike many other website stores, this store has focused its short-term goals and long-term on activities in international levels. If this is fulfilled, iramin will be able to send the products of superior local manufacturers to consumers anywhere in the world.

The provision of quality goods and granting the necessary guarantees to the customer are of the inviolable obligations of iramin, which guarantees gaining the trust and interaction (customers and iramin).

Given the short-term and long-term goals of iramin in line with giving services to international customers, facilities intended for the customers, offering services such as:

• Providing quality goods

• Guarantee of the authenticity of the product

• Ensuring affordable prices

• Guaranteeing shipping services and physical health of the product

• Guarantee of refund

• 24-hour support for all international customers

and other important services, it will try to get customer, get their satisfaction, and maintain them.

In action and speech, it will be proven to customers that integrity and superior services are of the main characteristics of iramin.