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Enameled Leggy Bakery container

ID: i130       Brand: Shophi

Leggy Bakery container
Royal enameled bowls and plates
The overall benefits of enameling on copper:
• This product is functional and incredibly beautiful
• Craftsmanship
• Material copper
• Unbreakable
• Robust
• Sturdy
• In some practical items
• Decor
• Furnace color with temperature of 800 degrees
• Proper weight for transportation
• Beautiful
• Best beautiful and lasting gift for your loved ones
• Suitable for museum and decorative showcases
• Disadvantages"
• If color of it like the color of a car impacts, it may be chipped!
• As hands are involved, it may be not uniform.
Material : copper-Hand Painted
iramin warranty

Country of Manufacture : Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Weight: 00.383 - 00.500 kg
  • $48.99
Item location : Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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NOTE: The size and weight of products are in approximation and it is due to the lack of uniformity in work of craftsmanship.
For example, a product with 25 cm may be between 23 and 27 cm.


Short History of Enameling

Enameling or enamel-work is an Iranian art which has history of about 5000 years or more and is considered as prominent handicrafts in Iran. Today, the art is mostly conducted on copper, but it can also be done on gold and silver.Gold is the only metal that is not oxidized during the melting of enamel; therefore, it creates the possibility of carrying out a design on the enamel with details and affinity as possible. Enamel formation is also the combination of metal oxides and several species of salts in the presence of high temperature (750 to 850 °C) that colors are formed over time and based on temperature. Today, the center for production of enamel-work in Iran is Isfahan and prominent craftsmen are working on the production of enamel.