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Gaz-loghmei with pistachio-40%, box

ID: i26       Brand: Antique Gaz

Gaz-loghmei with pistachio-40%, box
Ingredients in this product:
Liquid glucose, pistachio nuts, white sugar, manna, herbal honey, pasteurized egg white, rose water, honey, drinking water

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Country of Manufacture : Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Item location : Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Item Introduction :
Persian Gaz is one of the famous sweets in Iran. Gaz-loghmei made with pistachio-40% in a really nice box which is like a chest, and it is suitable for different occasion. In baked Gaz used of honey, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, rose water and sugar. If you are looking for high quality product like this one you can buy it from iramin online shopping. Iramin is right place to buying your Iranian traditional goods such as Gaz, pistachios, etc. These products are generally produced in several forms. iran online shopping-iranian gaz -buy gaz-