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Rose Bed Box-Negare design

ID: i60       Brand: Digigarden

Negare beautifully shaped box with its own design is the perfect choice for your formal occasions such as proposals, engagement ceremonies… and considering the diversity of space and arrangement of flowers in this box and the advantage of adding gifts, writings, dolls or chocolates are a different and special choice for your friendly or romantic occasions.
All flowers are Dutch roses and spring flowers of grade 1 in different colors.
Rose boxes include flower capsules for longer shelf life, special postcards with custom text, holograms and special bags.
The chocolates used in the boxes are German and Italian.
We hope you have good memories with our boxes
Color: Red
Flower: Rose
Number of flowers: 10
Product type: Rose Bed Box
Shipping to: Tehran, Iran
Material : Dutch roses
iramin warranty

Country of Manufacture : Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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  • $40.99
Item location : Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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